Props are fantastic so there’s legit nothing but good things to say here. Can’t thank you guys enough for those. I will be re-upping every month from here on out. I’ll be looking forward to baseball and football season as well. Sean T.
Great group of people. Like the niche I found in tennis and hopefully find in the NFL when that season comes back. Can't wait to make some more money. Robert B.
I like it, a lot to choose from plus I just joined. Other discords experiences weren’t bad but you guys have everything organized which makes it 100x easier to navigate than most. John K.
You guys are amazing. You consistently nail calls and I’ve been impressed with the knowledge. As a sports bettor, I’m constantly looking for good value bets. What you charge to be a member of this community is peanuts compared to the return I’ve seen. Simply amazing!! Tunya K.
I've been here for a year. It took me probably 3 months to really dial it in. VIP host worked with me then I took off. I tail Ryan, Kwon, and Port. Just last month I've withdrawn $10k at least betting $25 in lottos, $50 in straights, and $100 straight no BS. Nicky Numbs
Good afternoon fellas. I just want to say what an incredible week. Up 38 units! Gordo
Been a Member for well over a year. Just wanted to say thanks to all the cappers and the team supporting them. I am net gain $16,683 over this year! LiguiniLegz
Joined last week and have hit a few long odd slips already. Couldn't believe how many cappers and leagues are covered under one monthly fee. The Wolverine Bettor